Zhouxizhaoren(Yunwei Zhou) is a visual artist who creates kinetic, time-based structures that teeter the lines between permanence and ephemerality, space and place, and systems. Born in China, Zhouxizhaoren received MFA Photography at Rhode Island School of Design in 2023, and BS Electrical Engineering at University of California, Santa Barbara in 2015.

Zhouxizhaoren's art practice revolves around installation works that explore the relationship between objects, space, and perception. With an unconventional approach to utilizing and understanding tools and technology, Zhouxizhaoren constructs spaces and systems that challenge established perceptions and beliefs. These installations are often meticulously designed to create a sense of disorientation, challenging assumptions about the world and encouraging a rethinking of our surroundings. Zhouxizhaoren is particularly interested in exploring the ways in which our perspectives shape our understanding of reality. Ultimately, Zhouxizhaoren seeks to create immersive experiences that invite engagement with surroundings in new and unexpected ways.

CV available upon request zhouxizhaoren@gmail.com