Untitled TV

TV, Security Camera, Video Camera, LCD Screen, Convex Mirror,
Mirror, Plywood, Raspberry Pi, Tripod
61in x 51in x 51in | 2022


A TV is placed in the corner. A security camera is directed at the light reflected back from the walls. The signal from the security camera is fed to a small LCD screen mounted underneath the TV. A smaller video camera directly underneath the LCD screen picks up the image from the LCD screen and sends to the TV screen. A convex mirror provides the spectators a view of the TV screen. An electro-magnetic pickup receives sound from the electro-magnetic field emitted by the TV electronics and is fed back to the TV.

Due to positive feedback from the camera, the TV radiates changing colors. When a person enters the view of the camera, the color fluctuates due to disturbance. The noise that results from the electro-magnetic pickup also changes pitch as the image gets interrupted.